Saturday, 15 November 2014

What is 4G LTE Complete Guide

 People continuosly using the 3G and 4G on their Smartphones but don't know what is the 3g and 4g Technology ? so we are here for providing you the complete information about the 3G and 4G Technology in this tutorial.

What is 4G ?

Just Like 3G Before 4g is also the carrier data plan that your smartphone users in the absence of wifi easily send and receive the digital information,infact its speed at some places faster than the common wifi connections.

The data speeds carried by 3G is not vey faster and given by some tradionally internet connection companies but 4G Considered as the world's best and fastest internet connection ever,the rough estimate is its 5 time faster than the 3G and other internet connections.

What is LTE ?

LTE is the fastest and the stable version of 4G,it does come in other,les impressive variants and LTE is now becoming the most widespread service.

How do I Get 4G LTE ?

If you are pakistani like me then you must have to wait for the 4G LTE coming from the warid   and then you need a 4G Enable handset,then change your data connection settings from the Settings>Mobile networks>Network Mode>LTE/WCDMA/GSM .

After doing this settings on your smartphone when you open your browser and use the data connction you automatically using the 4G Network,thats it..!!!


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