Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Send Free SMS to Pakistan by Pkcaller

Send free sms to pakistan without any kind of registration and filling surverys this service is working in all pakistani networks and not working on other countries networks because this server is created for the pakistan not for all the countries so simply type the name of the receiver and your correct name so receiver can make sure that you know him/her easily and then provide the receiver mobile number and your mobile number just for there information and then type your message and this server supports upto 600 characters means you are able to  send the 600 text to any one in pakistan without any fee however after filling all the data in the given boxes simply click on the send button and your message will be reached in hardly 1 minute.

Kindly note that don't misuse of this service otherwise we are recording your computer ip adress if you used this service for the illegal work and for irritating someone then we can caught you as early as possible with evidence of your crime so don't use this service wrong simply use for fun and for your work.

We are not hosting any kind of free sms service we are just providing/showing links from other websites so if you have any kind of copyrighted issue then kindly contact the original owner because we do not have any control over the thirs parties contents,or contact us if you are feeling that we are blocking your vistors by using your service we can remves it as early as possible after some investigations.


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