Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Send Free MMS in Pakistan all Networks

People are searching now a days for the sending free SMS  and MMS Online but they are not able to get the right place for getting this amazing service because when they are 
searching online for these kind of services they just caught by some scam sites which needs registration and recharge for using this service and after all their requirements they are not 

able to provide this amazing service.

However after all these kind of services toay i am going to inform you about the network where you easily able to send free mms to any network of pakistan and kindly note that this is not working on the other countries networks however there you not need any kind of registration and recharge you simply provide there the mobile number your name and other details and able to send your desired images to the any network of pakistan without any kind of registration.

How to Send Free MMS ?

Simply go to the Send Free MMS and provides your name there and your mobile number for the verification and then provides the receiver mobile number name and upload the MMS you wants to send and simply click on the send button your message will arrive in maximum 1 minute easily.

Misuse of this service :

Don't misuse this service for irritating people and for sending fake images to the unknown people kindly note that when you are using this service your computer ip adress is recorded by the server and in any case if we got any complaints about you we will caught you with the evidence.

So just use as a good service otherwise it will not good for you and us also so be carefull and enjoy this free service and also share with your friends.

Kindly note that we are not hosting or providing any kind of free mms services we are just providing/showing links from other websites for the ease of our users so if you have any kind of copyright issues about our services then kindly contact the original owner given in each and every page because we do not have any control over the third parties contents and you are also able to contact us at the above page in the menu.


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