Sunday, 16 November 2014

5 Best Music Players For Android

Traditional MP3 Players of the mobiles looks like boring to the users so they are searching for some new designs and layout music players,allows you to customize your music listening experience,so download the one of them from the List Given Below.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Block Numbers and Calls Download

 Everyone wants to have this kind of App forblocking the wrong numbers who irritates you by calling and texting whatever after download this app you are able to block wrong numbers easily.

Someone is annoying you? texting you regularly ? then download this app and put his number in the Black List He/She can't able to call or text you again.

Calendar+ Free Download

  Calendar+ is an amazing application which helps you to shedule your favourite events like people birthday's college Seminars and Business meetings also.

It comes with the awesome templates also which looks gorgious on your android device and can't harms your device ever,the great feature of it is that it also synchronizes with all of your Google accounts and display the events at daily basis.

Locx App Lock & Photo Vault Download

  Locx is considered the best app locker and photo locker as compared to the Vault and other apps because they slow down your device.

Its also recommended by most of the dvelopers and the users so we brings it for you here,Using this app you are able to secure your pesonal appsLike Messaging,Fb and others which can't use by other users of your device.

Qurnic Stories Urdu App Download

  Qranic stories urdu app is specially designed by the paki developers for your kids and also for your general knowedge about Islam.

This will helps you passing your time in the bus and train and its best for you as compared to using facebook and playing games on your android devices.

Goal Tracker App Download

 Goal tracker is an android friendly app which helps you and force you in achieving your life goals like waking at morning,going to college,meeting with a person.

With the help of this appliation you are also able to set goals for the upcoming weeks and months also in your life so what you have to do on the selected days.