Friday, 14 November 2014

Free Fake Call International

Fake call is used for disturbing your friends and family members which is done from internet using different sites and apps where you can make a call from the internet number and easily disturb anyone,using now for making people irritate and it making many crashes in the family members that's why prohibited by the People.

What is a Fake Call ?

Fake call is actually done from the internet with the help of different websites and mobile apps which can't show our any mobile number and you are easily able to disturb your friends by using the name of any other and its also known as free call.

How to Make a Fake Call ?

Before some days it is freely found on internet and when people searched for these kind of words those websites appeared but after the people reporting to the Google that someone disturbing him/her by making calls from the internet Google bans all of them but some secret websites and Apps are also available in the market. 

Why Not USE Fake Call ?

I already told you that Google becomes strict in the case of spoof call but some websites and apps are still running but with the complete security,whatever when you are making a fake call from the site or app they are recording your computer or mobile IP Address not matter you are using any proxy software.

In any case they will caught you,keep in mind some wrong cases chances also happen with you so keep in mind its not a joke or fun it is now secured by the Google,so don't make spoof calls from the internet,use another method for disturbing and irritating your friends,


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