Sunday, 16 November 2014

5 Best Music Players For Android

Traditional MP3 Players of the mobiles looks like boring to the users so they are searching for some new designs and layout music players,allows you to customize your music listening experience,so download the one of them from the List Given Below.

1:Player Pro Music Player:

Player pro music player is at the top for its layout and animations and here you are able to change the background of the player and many more animations,it costs you Rs $30.


2:Poweramp Best All Rounder:

Poweramp also considered the best music player by the developers and the users it have the best ranking in the play Store and allows you to change the animations and save on each and every song available in your phone so download it today,it costs you Rs $10.


3:N7 Music Player:

The N7 Player is also considered the best app which creates a unique experience when you use it because it shows you the interferance like the "tag cloud" appearing on your screen and the best thing is that it is totally free,simply install by clicking on the Download button below.



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