Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Pakistan Sim Verification & Information System

people are searching now a days for checking the registered sims on their cnic online because they do not have much time for checking the registered sim cards on your cnic by visiting all the companies franchises so the PTA(Pakistan Telecom Authority) gives this service online so you can check all the registered sim cards online without any kind of 

registration and filling surveys by the original service given by PTA.

However in the below box just enter the CNIC Number you wants to check and click enter it will provides you all the information about the registered sims on your cnic and note the extra sim cards running on your cnic which are lost and not registered by you and block them online easily.

For Blocking online extra sim cards registered on your cnic simply select the company of the network you wants to block and then provide your details to the company and then block that sim according to the policies within 30 days you will get that sim block at your own home easily without any kind of registration.
Find Out how many SIMs are registered on Your National ID card? only Pakistan
(e.g: 6110160645683)


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